Our Specialities

Because we are a small, home-based business, we are able to offer unique services that larger business are not able to provide.

• Professional Photography

We offer the exclusive service of sending out a Professional Photographer to your place of business to capture perfect images
for your website. Our photographer will discuss with you your specific image requirements, so the photos appearing on your
web pages will be sharp and correctly exposed.

• One-Off Special Event Websites

If you are having a one-off special event, such as a wedding or a party, rather than printing and posting invitations, we can produce for you an invitation website with all the information of a regular invitation.
We can even password protect the site, so all you do is email your invitees a link to the site with the password.
Not only does it save you lots of time and money, but it is modern, as well as being clean and green.

Organizing a concert, running a fete, or any event where you charge admission? We can put a " Payment" button on your site
so you can sell tickets and have the funds automatically and safely deposited into your account. How cool is that!
Click here for an example.

Selling or renting your house? Why not have a website with photos, dimensions and inspection times.
We can even do the photography for you. Sure, your agent may offer you a similar service for $1000+, but we will have your site up and running in a few days from one tenth the price. Click here for an example.

• Non-Profit Organizations

We understand that as a non-profit organization, you must watch your pennies. Which is why we give a special rate to these organizations. No need to spend your limited funds on an expensive site when we are happy design your website for close to
cost price. And as a special bonus, we can even put a "Donation" facility on your website so you can safely accept donations directly into your account.