If you are intending to set up an Online Store, you will have to decide how you are going to take payments for the products you are selling. For an online store, you will need to install a shopping cart on your website. The shopping cart allows the customer
to find the products they are seeking and to make the purchase quickly and effectively.

• Sign up with PayPal

Paypal is the fastest, safest, most secure way to accept payment from your website. And it is free to set up. With the PayPal payment system, your customer is taken away from your site to Paypal's website to make a secure credit card transaction.
Using PayPal, you do not have to worry about the security on your website.

• Our Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Our shopping cart is easy to use, affordable and customisable. You can manage your online store by yourself - adding and deleting products and categories, setup shipping and payment gateways and much more.

Our shopping cart has the following features:

• Easy for your customer to browse and make a purchase
• Unlimited categories & products
• Fully integrated with PayPal
• Choice of delivery methods & charges
• Easy to use administration panel
• Order history tracking