I highly recommend Chava'a babysitting service. Devorah was extremely professional, responsible, and made me feel comfortable leaving my son in her care. Thank you.

- Shoshi Chernick Lubin

I sent my Sara to Morah Chava for a few weeks part time when I needed it most. I feel compelled to say how calm and present she is with the babies and children. Everything is clean and organized and most importantly she pays such beautiful attention to the children and they're needs. She is the only one in Thornhill that was so flexible. Thank you Chava. I would send my child back in a heartbeat.

- Lea Krepel Doula

Thank you so much for watching my kids while we were away! They had an incredible time with you. You were so patient and kept them all entertained and happy. Thank you.

- Frumie Parshan Weitman

Chava has amazing energy. She is very loving, sweet, easy going, responsible and caring – just the person I can count on when I’m not home. Thanks Chava for taking such good care of my kids and putting my mind at ease.

- Alona Burman

My son Joey joined in Chava's playgroup for the day. Chava was so welcoming and warm that he said goodbye to Mommy right away. Chava sent me pictures throughout the day so that I could see what he was up to and how he was enjoying himself. Joey was so comfortable and had a wonderful time. It will be a pleasure send him there again.

- Fraidy Schachter

Chava has watched my kinds numerous times. I'm so confident leaving them with her. Knowing they are in good hands is so reassuring. Thank you Chava.

- Chayala Rappaport

Chava, thanks so much for a great first week of daycare. Lipa is so happy, and it's so comforting to know he's in good hands, and being taken care of in a warm and loving environment while he is not with me. Looking forward to a great rest of the year.

- Nechama Dubrawsky

Dear Morah Chava, It has only been week two of day care and I'm already amazed. My sweet little Asriel who has always been attached to me by the hip barely cries anymore at drop off. You take such good care of him We love the photo updates and seeing him so happy with all the daily activities you provide for the kids. We look forward to many more months with you in playgroup. Thank you.

- Jessica Kadoche Davis

Chava is such a pleasure to deal with and super responsible. She is so promt and reliable. I felt so reassured knowing my kids were in great hands.

- Nechami Rosenzweig

Chava is a warm and loving person who loves children more than anything. I can assure you that when you leave your children with Chava, you will have instant peace of mind. She is soft spoken and speaks in such a nice tone of voice with the children, playing with them and engaging them with many cognitive and art activities. Chava's easy going personality make her such a pleasure to have around, as she communicates with parents and children in an appropriate and respectful manner. Working with Chava presently, makes me look forward to going to work as I know that a smiley face will greet me. Chava is proactive and does everything to enhance the children's experience.

- Esther Ohana

Chava is amazing with my kids. She is so patient and kind!!! My kids had such a great time with her. She is super responsible and great with children of all ages. I highly recommend her.

- Chanie Chaikin

Chava's babysitting services are fantastic! Devorah came to my house to look after 4 of my kids. She played with them, got them ready for bed and put them to sleep. When I got home, my kids were soundly sleeping in their bed! So happy I found such a great babysitting services. I can't wait and my kids can't wait to have Chava and her team come over again to babysit

- Shira Emmer

Chava is any moms dream. She's caring, loving , responsible and reliable. I don't trust my kids easily with anyone when it comes to leave them at night and she's one person I feel so comfortable with. From my toddler to my 7 week old Chava just always have the perfect touch for anything. So blessed to have her with us, I highly recommend her if your looking for an incredible babysitter / nanny to leave your kids with all day, half a day or even for an hour. Chava is the best.

- Mushka Zolty

Chava Rozenfeld has a natural talent with children and comes with many years of experience. My kids felt comfortable with her in an instant and I was so relieved to see them in great hands. She is warm, loving, and super responsible.

- Sara Fishman

Chava is unbelievale. I know it sounds like I'm just saying it but I really mean it. Currently I have two young children B"H at home (a two year old and a 9 months old). They are both very energetic and used to be around me all the time. Chava's help makes such a big difference with how I can use my time and energy. She always willing to do beyond what Im asking her...has such warmth and love towards kids! They learned to trust her and love being around her very quick, My son even speaks about her sometimes! I highly recommand Chava! She is very sensitive to my kids needs (and my needs as well) and very reliable.

- Benny Kamchaji

Chava is responsible and reliable with children she cared for my children over the years. I was very satisfied with her service. She was friendly, upbeat, kind and engaging with my children. She was very reliable and I used her services for years. I would highly recommend her as she is so good with children.

- Joanne Deborah Csillag

I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Chava Rozenfeld. She is amazing with children of all ages. She knows how to make a child feel comfortable and safe when they are with her. Chavo is creative and caring. I have seen even the nervous and shy child warm up right to Chava and feel completely at ease. She listens to the child and makes sure they feel heard. I could go on and on about how amazing Chava is. I do hope you utilise her great service, you will be happy that you did.

- Chaya Pauline Gladstone

Chava is a really good friend of mine, she's outstanding with babies/ toddlers and children, she shows much love towards them and is very warm and such a fun person to be around. I highly recommend Chava as a nanny she's the best.

- Ruty Rubenstein

I would like to recommend Chava for being a very reliable babysitter, caring and flexible. She came to my house and to the simcha hall enabling me to participate fully while I was assured my baby was well tended to.

- Shoshi

I hired Chava Rozenfeld as a babysitter for my 20 month old, and its been a great experience :) She's amazing with kids - capable, responsible, and relaxed at the same time. My baby felt comfortable with her from day one and loves going to her. From the pics she sends it's easy to see that he is one happy camper :) She is flexible and accommodating, and eased him right in, without disrupting his nap schedule. I totally trust that my kid is i great hands and I am so grateful. Thank you Chava.

- B Bendel

I wanted to than you for watching my kids. I was so relieved to see that they came home so happy and relaxed, and well taken care of. I feel comfortable to send my children again. Thanks C. Wilhelm.

- Chaya Wilhelm

Chava was a great babysitter! She was totally comfortable and confident with the kids, and they all liked her. She was punctual and peasant. I will definitely use her again.

- Rivka Podolski

Chava just wanted to thank you for really being there for my kids when I am frantically running out the door and making us all feel comfortable and confident. The children are always happy to know you are coming which says it all! and if I cant be there it's s great to know that a person like you who truly cares so much about kids and your profession is there to take my place. Keep up the incredible thing that you do.. us mothers can't thank you enough.

- Mushka Aurtal

I have used Chava many times to babysit for us. I am very happy with her, She is very responsible, caring and loving, The children always seemed very happy when I came home. I highly recommend.

- Avigail Neumann

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