About Us

Our primary goal is to ensure to create a dynamic, inviting, warm and nurturing atmosphere. As this is their first experience away from home and family, our objective is to create a stable and loving atmosphere in a clean and well maintained home environment. The many play activities and circle times offered in my class are geared to promote the children’s physical, emotional, social, language and intellectual development. The children will learn to play together in cooperative groups, become independent, relate confidently with adults and respect materials in their surroundings.

Our program encourages the children to be curious, creative and explore the world around them. Play based learning is fundamental in building self-esteem, confidence, independence, creativity and many other essential skills. At Chava’s Caring and Childminding, we are committed and excited to be partners in your child’s growth and development.

Indoor Playtime

We have a bright and clean playroom full of educational toys, books and activities to keep children engaged. We provide different play areas such as Blocks, Housekeeping, Light Table, Art and Reading Areas. During our indoor play time, the children are encouraged to rotate around the room where many open ended activities as well as a wide variety of materials are available for them to play with. Puzzles, playdough, art, drama, dress up and so much more!

Outdoor Play

Playing outdoors in a well-manicured lawn is part of the daily routine at Chava’s Caring and Childminding, weather permitting. A swing set and a wide range of bikes and toys are available to help the children develop social and gross motor skills.


• 88 Dana Crescent
• Arrival time: 10:30am sharp (unless we have agreed to a different arranged time) so that your child can fully benefit from the program.


Please do not pack any snacks with ingredients that include sesame or peanuts as we have a child who is highly allergic.


• Please send with your child a pack of diapers/wipes/cream and a change of clothing on the first day. I will notify you when supplies are running out.
• Please provide a small snack and lunch for your child each day. If your child will be napping, please ensure you provide a blanket and whatever else your child may need (pacifier, story book, stuffed animal).


• If your child is attending on a full-time regular basis (5 days a week: Monday - Thursday 10:30 - 2:30 and Friday 10:30 - 2:00), please send 12 post-dated cheques of $450 made out to ‘cash’ along with your child on their first day.
• Children who are attending on a part-time regular basis (2 or more days per week), please provide a weekly cheque for the days and hours attended.
• Drop ins is an available option at a cost of $7 per hour, providing that the number of children does not exceed 5. Payment is required upon pick-up.
• Our goal at Chava's Caring Childminding is to tailor your child care to suit your needs and schedule.
• Different options are available upon requests.

Aftercare Program/Part Time

• Children staying for extended hours (1:00 - 2:30) on a full-time regular basis, a separate cheque will be needed monthly at the rate of $7 per hour for a total of $210.
• Children who are staying on a part-time regular basis (2 or more days per week 4 hours per day (10:30 - 2:30) a weekly check will be needed at the rate of $6 per hour.
• For children who are staying occasionally for the aftercare program (1:00 - 2:30), please provide a cheque/cash at the end of the week at the rate of $7 per hour.